Penguin Bo 2


The anticipated follow up has arrived:
Another 36 wonderfully drawn stickers featuring the lovable baby emperor are here, but he’s not alone.

– 36 unique stickers, including 6 seasonal ones
– Full accessibility descriptions
– Transparent backgrounds so they can be peeled and placed anywhere

Examples of VoiceOver text:
– Penguin Bo is putting the final touches to a magnificent snow penguin, complete with coal eyes, a blue scarf and two carrots for the beak.
– Penguin Tike is hoping that by planting one of his presents from the Christmas Tree, it will grow into something wonderful.
– Penguin Bo has a thunderstorm in his head, he is looking very stroppy.

If you like these, you may also like the Penguin Bo Animated sticker sets that are also on the app store, which feature 24 action stickers, or the original Penguin Bo sticker pack.

Click here for the Press Kit

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