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We now have a wide range of sticker packs and apps available for iOS 10 and iOS 11, available on the App Store.


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Jet’s Music Band, Jet the Cat Animated 2, Bubble Words and Hi and Bye are available now.


All the stickers have been lovingly hand-drawn on the iPad and feature original characters and situations.

So, whether you are looking for fun with Penguin Bo, a chance to unwind with the Stress Bombs or the beautiful style of the Script series, we may well have what you want.

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Penguin Bo front-1-copy-2 page2x-1-copy christmas-survival-page1 front-page-1-iphone page1_phone Penguin Bo 2 iphone_front-copy-2 iphone_page1 iphone_page1 iphone1 Phone_Page1 Iphone_page1 Phone_Page1

Tapping on one of the images below will take you to the App Store where you can see more details and read about the stickers.

My Garden Birds front-page-new Cursive Script Gothic Script front page simulator-screen-shot-19-sep-2016-18-15-27 simulator-screen-shot-29-sep-2016-20-39-15 simulator-screen-shot-30-sep-2016-20-27-20 simulator-screen-shot-2-oct-2016-17-25-45 simulator-screen-shot-25-sep-2016-20-49-36 simulator-screen-shot-1-oct-2016-17-22-15 simulator-screen-shot-25-sep-2016-19-30-46 simulator-screen-shot-7-oct-2016-18-34-22 simulator-screen-shot-24-sep-2016-21-28-21 simulator-screen-shot-24-sep-2016-15-23-02 simulator-screen-shot-4-sep-2016-19-19-16 simulator-screen-shot-4-sep-2016-19-28-14 Sticker Fab Emoji Maker


Our apps take the same sense of style but put you in the creator’s chair. Use the original Sticker Fab to build scenes how you want them then send them as stickers to your friends and family. Or if you want something more quickly, dive into Sticker Fab Emoji Maker and you’ll emerge seconds later with a unique sticker from a wide range of characters. Take a look at the promo videos to see just how easy they are.

Tapping on one of the images below will take you its dedicated page on our site.

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